Abdul Sattar Edhi is the most trusted name in Pakistan and one of the most active philanthropists in the world. He has received global accolades from around the world because of his work in the Edhi Foundation, his non-profit social welfare program. He has worked tirelessly his entire life to promote human dignity, human rights, mutual respect and tolerance, and to improve the conditions of the most disadvantaged groups in Pakistan and South Asia.

  • In 1957, Edhi established his first welfare centre with a mere Rs. 5000 ($US 100).
  • Abdul Sattar Edhi and his wife Begum Belquis Edhi adhere to a very modest lifestyle, living in a two room apartment adjacent to the Edhi Foundations headquarters, with their children, two daughters and two sons.
  • Neither Abdul Sattar Edhi nor Bilquis Edhi recieve a salary from the Edhi Foundation. They live on an income from owned government securities to take care of their personal needs.
  • Abdul Sattar Edhi personally holds the world record for having worked the longest time without taking a holiday. When the record was set, he had still not taken a single day off work.
  • Bilquis Edhi works mainly with women and children, for whom she has established 17 homes. There are more than 4,000 children in these homes.
  • There is an women’s shelter that houses over 250 women, a home for mentally-impaired children , a home for the abandoned elderly and two maternity homes that provide medical and nursing care. There is also a Nurse Training Centre, where Bilquis Edhi learnt her nursing skills.


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