Services offered by EDHI Foundation

  • 8 hospitals providing free dispensaries, emergency services, medical care and surgical units.
  • Diabetic centers.
  • Eye hospitals.
  • 4- bed cancer hospital.
  • 24 hours emergency service across the country through 300+ centres.
  • Air and ground ambulance service.
  • Shelter for over 6,000 destitute adults and children.
  • Safe houses for battered women.
  • Family planning, counselling and maternity services
  • Drug rehabilitation centers.
  • Blood banks
  • Free shrouding and burial of unclaimed dead bodies
  • Shelters for the mentally ill
  • Training facilities for the disadvantaged
  • Child welfare services
  • Orphanages
  • Centers for the disabled
  • National and international relief efforts for victims


  • Aid to Afghan refugees since 1978 to 1988.
  • Aid for the affected people and refugees of the Persian Gulf War of 1991 in the form of blood, plasma, medicine and surgical instruments. Approximately worth Rs.4.5 million.
  • Relief to the needy during the civil war in Lebanon in 1983.
  • One million (?) for flood relief in Bangladesh during 1986. In addition an ambulance was also provided.
  • Rupees one million in aid to drought and famine-stricken areas in Ethiopia in 1985.
  • Aid to earthquake victims of Armenia, USSR in 1989.
  • Aid for the affected people and refugees of the Persian Gulf War of 1991 in the form of blood, plasma, medicine and surgical instruments. Approximately worth Rs.4.5 million.
  • Aid to earthquake victims of Northwestern Iran in 1990.
  • Financial and travel assistance to the stranded Pakistanis in Kuwait during the Persian Gulf War in 1992.
  • Aid to the earthquake victims of Cairo in 1984.
  • Supply of rice and edibles to Mogadishu in Somalia in 1993, in collaboration with the Pakistan Army.
  • Relief supplies for Bosnian refugees in Pakistan and supply of relief goods and assistance in Croatian camps through 1993-94.
  • Relief activities conducted in Croatian camps for Bosnian people through 1993-94.
  • One hundred ninety Bangladeshi women were repatriated to their home country from Karachi, Pakistan during May 1999.
  • During April 1999 relief camps were established in Albania and Kosovo for the affected (?). An amount of 0.1 million dollars was contributed including 75 tons of relief goods consisting of dry rations, tents and blankets.
  • Edhi International Foundation, with its branches In USA, England, Japan, UAE, Canada and Australia is engaged in humanitarian work. In particular supporting people belonging to the third world.
  • Relief work carried out by Edhi Foundation in Afghanistan (?). Transportation of patients and injured people, hundreds of tons of relief goods, dry rations, and blankets donated at the medical camp in Torkhum.
  • Six million sterling pounds contributed to the Red Crescent society for rehabilitation of victims in earthquake of Bam, Iran 2002.
  • Shelter home in Jalalabad.
  • Ambulance center in Kabul.
  • Volunteer teams, under the supervision of Faisal Edhi, arrived in Sri Lanka and divided in to two teams, one for Sri Lanka and the other for Indonesia.
  • A) 15000 coffins in Sri Lanka.
  • B) Set-up a free kitchen in affected areas to tsunami Sri Lanka and Indonesia 2003.
  • Relief work for victims in Azad Kashmir and N.W.F.P during the 8th October 2005 earthquake. Food, clothes, blankets and tents were provided, along with the bath and burial of thousands of dead bodies. 35000 patients were shifted by 300 ambulances, 110 by helicopter.
  • One hundred thousand U.S. Dollars in cyclone of Katrina 2005.
  • Two hundred thousand U.S. Dollars in cyclone of Bangladesh 2007.
  • Distributed dry rashan, clothes, blankets and approximately 45000 tin sheets for reconstruction of rooms after the 2010 flood in Pakistan. Provided free ambulance service for rehabilitation. To date, four hundred million rupees have been spent on relief efforts.


We are Really Proud of Our Kind Voluntaries.

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